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Strotex has produced an innovative and advanced form of roofing felt which is exceptionally breathable. Their roof felting products are very popular in the construction industry with many professionals finding that they have numerous benefits and advantages to traditional felt.

The company has already seen huge growth in the United States and has now moved to the UK market to generate more sales and offer an alternative in the roof felting sector. With in-depth and rigorous testing at the market-leading laboratories of the Foliarex group, the brand promises a combination of reliability, longevity and perfect quality.

What makes Strotex better?

There are a number of reasons why Strotex products are in high demand:

  • They are weather resistant. Extreme conditions such as wind, rain and snow are blocked by the preventative barrier. Additionally, in drier climates dust is also resisted.
  • The products such as the Breathable Roofing Felt are CE certified which guarantees their quality.
  • The roof underlay has multi-use whether it is being used in a warm or cold pitched roof.
  • Installing the Strotex products is very easy to install due to the membrane's lightweight nature, consequently making the process less stressful.
  • It is UV stabilised and highly resistant to fire.
  • The felt has an anti-reflective coating to protect against reflective light.
  • Strotex has designed roofing felt which has a diffusion open membrane at its core. This improves insulation by retaining heat whilst also providing excellent wind proofing against inclement weather.
  • Strotex has a low Sd coefficient and as a result, the membrane can be used in roofs that have insulation up to their full height.

Whether you are a professional, tradesman, stockist or homeowner looking to do DIY, Strotex offers an excellent solution to any felting needs. Additionally, at BC Profiles we are happy to provide any assistance whether that involves answering questions or providing recommendations. Feel free to get in touch with our first-class support team.

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