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Soakaway Crates

Get rid of troublesome puddles and patches of standing water in your outdoor area with the use of prefabricated soakaway crates. The smart way to draw water away from the surface and channel it down to the ground, our soakaways are strong, robust and highly effective. Soakaways help to pull excess water away from problem areas, taking the pressure off already-busy drainage systems.

Why do I need a soakaway crate?

The demand for a soakaway crate will be heavily affected by the environment in which you live. If you live in an area with a high level of rainfall or are in danger of flooding then a soakaway crate is a vital tool to prevent unnecessary water damage. A soakaway crate works in tandem with the drainage system that you will have in your home. Soakaway crates support the removal of surface water and run-off that can help drainage systems by offering an alternate drainage solution. Soakaway crates allow run-off water to return to the ground.

What options can be found on the BC Profiles site?

There are several different options in our online shop with fantastic diversity. The Polystorm Soakaway Crate Heavy Duty, for instance, offers excellent support to your drainage system with its integrated inlet and outlet, 50 years life expectancy as well as a 48% perforated surface area. Alternatively, there is also the Polydrain Hydrocell Modular Cellular Crate which offers similar positive results and is also very cost-effective.

Water damage can cause huge problems for your home with high costs of repair and the negative effect it may have on your mental health. With this in mind, a soakaway crate is a strong method of protecting your home and offloading the pressure on your drainage system. If you have any questions about soakaway crates or need some advice about which products best suit your needs then please contact the team at BC Profiles and they will be able to offer guidance.

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