Since 1992

Simpson Strong-Tie

Since 1956, Simpson Strong-Tie has worked tirelessly to provide the best possible solutions to engineers and builders to help build better, safer, and more reliable structures. Over the last eight decades, they have worked alongside their clients to offer industry-leading solutions whilst growing globally and yet maintaining their personal approach to each customer.

Who do Simpson’s Strong-Tie support?

Simpson’s Strong-Tie offers services to a huge customer base, with products that can be bought off the shelf to others that are made bespoke for larger orders. This allows engineers and builders as well as any other parties who work in the industry to undertake projects knowing that Simpson’s offer them design flexibility as well as reliable and long-lasting solutions.

Historically, the company has worked closely with wood connectors and this continues to be a key part of the business, however, they have in recent years branched out into other solutions and products such as metal dowels & chemical fasteners as well as expanding into the infrastructure, commercial and industrial sphere via products like adhesives and concrete-related offerings (that can repair and protect).

What products do they offer?

The company has a diverse and extensive products line which includes categories such as Bead & Mesh, Connectors & Fasteners for Light Gauge Steel, Connectors for Cross Laminated Timber, Connectors for Masonry, Timber & Steel, Masonry/Concrete Anchor systems, Nails & Screws, Elevated Post Bases, Quick Drive Collated Screw system and Timber frame racking.

How important are their customers?

With a stellar support team as well as 1,000 product solutions Simpson’s Strong-Tie offers the best solution for connectors in the UK & Europe. They maintain a firm commitment to offering support that is personable and intimate whilst offering products that are reliable and innovative. At the heart of this is listening to their clients and constantly attempting to improve upon their current success. By doing this, the company has become amongst the most trusted in the industry today and no matter your problem, they are keen to find the answers that will give you the best possible results.


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