Since 1992


Permaroof is a trusted manufacturer of top-quality roofing products in the UK and has been trading its products since 1999. Offering Firestone EPDM, which is a more environmentally friendly product, Permaroof roofing was one of the first companies to offer this type of product.

Permaroof, meaning permanent roof, is a brand that offers exactly that, products that provide you with a long-lasting, durable roof. The company has been producing its roofing range for over 14 years and is a well-respected name in the industry.

At BC Profiles, we stock several Permaroof roofing products, including bonding adhesive, form flash tape, gutter trims and more. Our Permaroof building adhesive is a strong adhesive that allows you to bond a number of materials including timber, brick, metal and glass. We also stock Permaroof UPVC parts, including gutter trim, edge trim and metal wall flashing, so you can build a high-quality roof for any type of building.

Who should purchase our product?

Permaroof is a highly adaptable company and therefore they produce products for a range of people from various backgrounds.


Expectantly, there are Permaroof solutions for Tradesmen with the Firestone RubberCover being a particular favourite. Additionally, if you work in trade and want to learn about fitting Peramroof’s products then you can receive first-grade training in roofing installation at their national training centre in Derby.


Additionally, we also work closely with homeowners who may want to undertake the installation themselves and consequently, we offer installation guides, DIY kits and assistance if you wish to a tradesman. We offer next day delivery to homeowners meaning no time will be wasted if you want to get started on a task as soon as possible.


Permaroof is also happy to create and maintain relationships with trading partners and as such working with merchants, stockings and trade counters. If you have considered growing your company and stock then feel free to contact Permaroof and they will be able to set up as a key stockist for a variety of products and supplies such as Formflash Tape and our highly rated adhesive,  as well as connecting you with a personal account manager and staff training.

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