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Pegatanke have excelled in the adhesives industry by offering market-leading products, with a presence in more than 21 countries. They offer durable products to homeowners and industry professionals.

How do you mix Pegatanke?

Part of Pegatanke’s popularity is the ease of use. Mixing the solution is very straightforward and allows the consumer to get started on their project very quickly. You must follow the instructions but mixing the product takes less than 5 minutes meaning you won’t need to wait long to achieve the best results.

What are the benefits of Pegatanke?

Pegatanke is incredibly durable and flexible meaning it can be used on a range of surfaces and in a variety of spaces. The epoxy can be used around water and is therefore used to seal pipes, water filters and even water tanks. This makes it completely waterproof. Additionally, epoxy can also be applied in the presence of many other liquids such as diesel, antifreeze, oils, greases, and many other solvents. This is because the epoxy doesn’t allow moisture, corrosion or abrasion to affect and can insulate very effectively against these fluids.

What are the other benefits of Pegatanke?

Once the epoxy dry mix has been applied and settled it can comfortably be covered with paint. Some homeowners are concerned that by adding adhesives to their walls or public areas they might become an eyesore. This couldn’t be further from the truth with Pegatanke, as it can be machined, sanded, and painted so that no one will even notice its presence.

Furthermore, the Pegatanke range has good longevity with the epoxy glues lasting for one year and the Pegatanke White can be stored for up to 18 months. This allows the purchaser to complete their project and still have some product leftover in case it needs to be redone or further issues arise elsewhere in the home.

If you have any questions about Pegatanke products and which ones are best for you please feel free to contact a member of the BC Profiles team and they will be happy to provide some guidance or answer your questions.

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