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Patio Magic!

Homeowners who take great pride in their gardens and outdoor paths often find themselves struggling with numerous problems throughout the year. This can include green mould and algae that can appear on hard surfaces. A great way to combat this is PatioMagic!

What is PatioMagic!

PatioMagic! is a concentrated disinfectant that targets green mould and algae and successful treats, removes, and prevents it from recurring. Having applied the product, you can expect to see results within 2-4 days. Whilst primarily used in outdoor spaces, PatioMagic can also be applied inside if problems arise as well as being capable of being used as a pre-fungicidal wash.

What are the benefits of PatioMagic!

There are many benefits of using PatioMagic to combat problems. Firstly, the effects of PatioMagic are long-lasting. The surface cleaner works efficiently and quickly whilst offering 6-9 months of protection for the affected area. Additionally, the product doesn’t stain the treated area, and this means you don’t need to worry about re-painting outdoor spaces.

How do you use PatioMagic!

The product is exceptionally easy to use. It needs to be applied and then left to dry. This avoids the need for adding acid and bleach or having to get on your hands and knees to scrub.

Simply, dilute the concentrate in the appropriate container such as a watering can. Use the product on the desired area and then you can leave it to dry. Within 2-4 days you should see positive results.

Where can it be used?

As previously mentioned, the product can be used internally or externally on a variety of surfaces. These surfaces include brick, paving, patios, walls, and driveways. Before undertaking the task, it is worth testing PatioMagic in an isolated small area so that you can better understand how much is needed to tackle the green mould or algae.

Make sure you are careful!

PatioMagic is non-acidic and contains no bleach but it should still be kept away from children. Additionally, if you have pets you should try to keep them away from the wet surface and wash their paws if they walk over the PatioMagic.

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