Since 1992

Paint Topper

Paint Topper has been a revolutionary product in the painting and decorating sector. Its innovative design and multi-purpose properties have fundamentally changed the way people paint and decorate on small and large scales.

Who uses Paint Topper?

Paint Topper has grown in popularity with a host of professionals and homeowners alike. Many decorators, tradespeople and DIY fans have invested in Paint Topper and now class it as an essential part of any painting project.

What is PaintTopper?

PaintTopper is an innovative and remarkable invention that has changed the nature of painting and decorating. The product has a reusable lid that can be fitted to tins and cans. It neatly fits over the rim of 99% of paint tins. Additionally, the PaintTopper has a unique spout that allows the user to pour paint more easily and a handle that makes removing the PaintTopper from the tin simple.

Why buy the PaintTopper?

There a several reasons why buying a PaintTopper is a no brainer.

  • It keeps your paint tins clean which in turn can keep your van or car clean when transporting the paint.
  • The spout design offers more protection to your workspace so there is a lesser chance of spills. You will also be able to measure the amount of paint you are using more carefully.
  • As the PaintTopper covers the rim of the can, it prevents the paint that will dry from sticking to the lid which can cause difficulty when attempting to re-use it.
  • Every PaintTopper has a paintbrush holder which allows you to place your tool somewhere and avoid making a mess.
  • The handle which holds this paintbrush functions as a mechanism for removing the PaintTopper.
  • Each purchase includes a specific PaintTopper lid, allowing the painter to take breaks without worrying about the paint being affected or being knocked over.
  • PaintTopper is awarding winning claiming the 2019 Decorating Product of the Year at the DIY Week Awards.
  • Finally, every PaintTopper is 100% recyclable. The product has been designed this way due to the company’s consideration for the environment.

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