Since 1992


ONDUVILLA is a unique roofing solution with a very aesthetic traditional clay tile look. Perfectly waterproof, this system requires no further protection underlay.

ONDUVILLA is lightweight and simple to install. It provides a very sophisticated appearance to all types of roofs.

Onduvilla tile is an environmentally friendly solution as it is made from recycled materials.  It forms a desirable, robust and lightweight roof covering that can be placed on a roof decking or close boarding.

What items can you find in the BC Profiles’ online store?

Not only do Onduvilla manufacture tiles they also offer a range of other items that can help with roofing. Items include vent foam fillers, nails, ridge, closure cap, aprons and slim caps. When undertaking a roofing project these can provide a huge amount of help.

In terms of the tiles themselves, we offer four different tiles in varying colours – shaded red, shaded brown, shaded green and shaded black. This means that no matter the colour of your home, you have the chance to pick tiles that will effectively match your home’s exterior.

All Onduvilla products are designed with the customer in mind and their feedback is always paramount to the brand. Consequently, all of the company’s hugely successful product innovations are based around both technological advancements and customer needs. The brand’s success and reputation have been built on a happy client-based and therefore you can be assured that any product you buy will be of the highest quality.

Onduvilla is one of the leading names in roofing solutions and therefore here at BC Profiles we highly recommend them. However, if you are new to roofing or concerned about which actions you should take when using their products please feel free to get in touch and ask for advice. Our customer support team is always willing to


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