Since 1992


OB1 is the original multi-surface sealant and adhesive most often used in construction. It was the first of its kind and as such has the most trusted brand presence in the market. Furthermore, OB1 can be used on a variety of surfaces and environments with their products being suitable for multi-surface use.

Bonds aluminium & wood

Aluminium and wood can be affected by several factors, most notably moisture and temperature. These can cause the materials to expand and contract which could potentially cause issues. To combat this, OB1 can be applied and this maintains the bond at high and low heats as well as being weather resistant. The nature of the product allows for elongation up to 350%.

Food safe formula

The inventors of OB1 also ensured that it confirmed the ISEGA Standards meaning it could be used in kitchens. OB1 works successfully with marble & granite which are commonly found in kitchens and is proven to not stain surfaces.

Marine & Pool sealant

Due to OB1’s unique properties, it is a water-resistant sealant that can be applied underwater whether that be in swimming pools or even saltwater locations. Due to its hybrid polymer formulation, the sealant will retain its bond when used underwater.

Carbon fibre, fibreglass & GRP

Owing to its ability to withstand and react well to vibrations, OB1 is an excellent choice for instant repair and bonding with carbon fibre surfaces or materials.

Plastic to metal & steel

One of OB1’s greatest strengths lies in the solvent-free hybrid polymer formula. The nature of sealant means it can be applied to metal and steel without causing any etching or burning. Additionally, as these materials tend to expand and contract, the sealant will mirror this whilst maintaining the bond.

Environmentally friendly

Not only is OB1 an effective sealant in numerous environments, but it also has no negative effect on the area. The product contains zero solvents or isocyanates which could cause problems. Hence, the product has received an A+ rating for air quality. As OB1 is odourless it can be easily used in a range of areas such as homes or construction sites without any negative side effects.



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