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Nerrad Tools

Nerrad Tools is a Welsh-based trades company which specializes in tools that are suitable for people who work in a trade and hobbyist DIYers. 

The vision for the company was to make the heating and plumbing trade better places to work by creating high-quality products to suit every need. 

Who are Nerrad Tools? 

The company Nerrad Tools was first established in 2010 by Darren Chalkly, a well-versed gas engineer/plumber who has over 25 years' worth of experience. 

Aware of the challenges that heating and plumbing workers face on a daily basis, Chalkly desired to create high-quality tools that suited their conditions better, driving the industry to be a more satisfactory place to work.

Although there are plenty of plumbing tools already available to purchase on the market, Chalkly felt like innovation and improvement could be put towards existing tools to create better products. 

One example of innovation for plumbing tools was the goal of integrating are more ergonomic easier-to-use design. This meant that the tools required significantly less force to use, therefore resulting in decreased wear and tear for the tool and the plumber alike. 

Benefits of using Norrad Tools

The benefits of choosing to use Norrad’s range of tools are:

  • High-quality products- All Norrad Tools are made to an exceptional standard.
  • A vast product range- Norrad Tools manufactures everything from hand tools to maintenance and storage tools. 
  • Long lasting- Due to the fact that Norrad’s tools are made to a high standard, the tools last longer than their traditional counterparts. 
  • Designed to be easy to use
  • Suitable for someone who works in the industry or someone who is doing DIY at home
  • Strong and durable
  • Applicable for use in a wide variety of projects
  • A tool is available for almost every plumbing or heating need

Why choose BC Profiles?

At BC Profiles, we pride ourselves on selling high-quality products that meet British, Welsh, or Scottish standards to provide you with the right tools or products to get the job done. 

If you have any questions about our Norrad Tool product range then please don’t hesitate to contact the BC Profiles customer service team. 

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