Since 1992


From humble beginnings, Metex has grown into an international company that provides high-quality goods and incredible customer service. Every product is rigorously tested to ensure high standards are maintained. Furthermore, Metex is fully committed to supporting their customers and therefore products are sold at a competitive price that represents excellent value for money.

How does Metex constantly innovate?

Metex is never satisfied with their latest success as they are constantly looking to improve and create the next advancement in the construction industry. The Medex Research & Development team are committed to enhancing their existing portfolio range by enhancements to the current products and open dialogue with partners.

What is Metex known for?

Metex offers a wide array of products over a variety of ranges, such as Fixings, Sprayers, Tools and Pest Control.


The Metex range includes Corefix & Cobra which are unrivalled in their plasterboard fixings, do & dab wall fixings, picture hooks, hangers and many more. Metex has created hooks or fixings for any application.


Medex is the exclusive UK distributor for plastic and metal Chapin sprayers. Their range of top-class pressure sprayers is trusted by professionals due to their innovative design which includes Viton seals and gaskets for several industrial chemical applications.


Tools are the cornerstone of the construction industry with tradespeople constantly relying upon them. Medex has curated tools that make life easier for its customers.

Pest Control

Alternatively, Medex has also ventured into the field of pest control and have been equally as successful. They have developed stainless steel Rat Blockers and other items that can protect your home against rodents.

What Medex products can I find at BC Profiles?

BC Profiles’ online store offers several Medex items such as the Universal Manhole Cover lifting key, the Drainage Pipe Chamfer tool, the Manual Pipe Gradient Measuring tool, and the Pipe Support & Clamp. If you want to enquire about any of these tools please contact our team and they will be able to offer guidance.

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