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Low Profile Drainage Channels

Low-profile drainage channels are an effective solution for draining standing water whilst simultaneously keeping the profile and lengths of the channel shallow. Shallow/low channel profiles are easier to install due to you not needing to dig out as much, which makes them more than suitable for placing at the end of a small driveway or in front of a garage.

Low-profile drainage channels have a load class of A15, typically consisting of a galvanised steel grate, meaning they can take 1.5 tonnes of weight and are specially designed for areas with pedestrians.

Features and benefits of a low profile drainage channel:

The features and benefits of using a low profile drainage system include:

  • Less digging up to install channel lengths, making it easier for hobbyists to install one. 
  • Easy to slot and clip the drain lengths together, so there is no hassle during the installation period.
  • Lengths are typically able to be cut to the desired length. 
  • Suitable for a variety of projects such as draining standing water from pavements, patios, or driveways.
  • Easier to install than heavier-duty drainage systems.
  • A cost-effective drainage solution.
  • Perfect for tradesmen as well as hobbyists.

What’s the difference between an A15 drainage channel and a B125 drainage system?

At BC Profiles, we offer a variety of drainage systems which suit a variety of projects, two of those drainage systems include A15 systems and B125 drainage systems. There are some key differences between both systems.

An A15 drainage system has a load classification of 1.5 tonnes, anything over 1.5 tonnes will damage the system, therefore it’s important only to use one in a pedestrian area otherwise it will break under the weight of a vehicle. An A15 system is typically easier to install.

Whereas a B125 drainage system has a load classification of 12.5 tonnes, they’re more difficult to install but make up for that by being able to support a lot more weight, and be used in a variety of commercial applications rather than just domestic applications. 

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