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Gardening can be a wonderful hobby and great for your physical and mental health however it can also be stressful if things aren’t going your way. Sometimes it feels as if the weather and the garden are against you. For over five decades Levington compost has been the top choice for gardeners in their task of managing their garden. Levington has remained successful since 1967 by putting the customer first and creating products that will make their life easier, their gardening quicker and their garden more beautiful.

What solutions do Levinton products provide?

Levington is there to support you whether you are looking to grow plants, suppress the spread of weeds and for potting seeds and prepare your garden for spring. These solutions come in a range of items such as lawn feed, weed killer, fertiliser and seeds among many others. The company’s market-leading plant food gives your plants the minerals and nutrients they require to not only grow but thrive in any climate.

Why is compost important in your garden?

Compost is a necessity when it comes to the garden as it provides support to the soil and enables plants to remain strong and healthy at a young age. In addition, composts can also provide help to older plants, vegetables, fruit and even indoor plants. Levington offers a wide range of compost to help you achieve your goals.

Can I purchase Levington products at BC Profiles?

Yes, you can! We stock Levinton’s Tomorite Concentrated Tomato Food in 1.3-litre bottles for just £3.70. It is enriched with seaweed extract and helps tomatoes grow. It is equally beneficial for other vegetables and flowering pot plants. If you have any questions regarding Levington and the Tomorite product, please contact our helpful and friendly customer service team. They can provide details on the product and advice on the best conditions to use it in. Additionally, if you have any other queries about your garden, the team are a valuable resource.

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