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Who are Koster?

Koster Bauchemie AG is a company that was founded in 1982 in Germany, they specialise in developing and producing high-quality waterproofing systems. Over 20 companies with activities in more than 50 countries fall under the Koster umbrella now. 

Waterproofing specialists and products

KÖSTER´s specialist waterproofing products preserve and protect buildings and structures across the globe and are suitable for multiple types of properties and jobs. Whether it’s installing waterproof systems on a new build, restoring a listed building, or even maintaining your house, KÖSTER has you covered.

At BC Profiles, we sell a wide range of specialist waterproof products to suit your needs.

Our current product range from KÖSTER includes bitumen-based waterproofing sealing tape, repair mortar, polyester reinforcing fabrics, liquid waterproofing systems, primers, accessories such as brushes and stirrers, levelling compounds, universal cleaners, facade protection creams, plaster, sealant, joint tape, geofoam, and reinforcement protection creams.

Some famous structures around the world that have used KÖSTER waterproofing systems and materials include:

  • The Olympic hall in Beijing
  • The Empire State Building in New York
  • The Munich Airport
  • The Royal Palace in Copenhagen
  • The Nuclear Power Plant in Sofia
  • The Bombay Stock Exchange
  • The Panamá Canal 

If you have any questions regarding Koster and its products please feel free to contact BC Profiles. We have an expert customer service team who will be able to provide help in answering questions and providing guidance. No matter your concern or query about Koster’s range we can offer a helping hand.

Quality products and materials

Waterproofing is an area of construction and maintenance where trusted, good quality materials and applications can make a positive difference in the final outcome, but can save you time and money too. 

KÖSTER’s policy is to offer materials that are high-quality, durable and offer top performance. They have a certified quality management system called DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 to make sure that all systems and products are never compromised quality-wise.

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