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Joint Tec

Who are Joint-Tec?

Joint-Tec was established in 2016 by founders Andrew and John Kelly who set out to produce and supply world-class brush-in pavement jointing compounds. Andrew and John’s parent company, Kelly & Sons Ltd, are a leading producer of high-grade industrial and decorative sands based in Ireland, they supply industries varying from glass manufacturers to Terrazi flooring producers. 

Why buy Joint-Tec?

Joint-Tec is a product with decades of knowledge and expertise behind it, the same knowledge and expertise that helped the parent company Kelly & Sons Ltd. to be a leading processor of high-grade decorative and industrial sands in Ireland. In 2016, Andrew and John decided to commence an R&D programme to attempt to produce a world-class brush-in-pavement compound. 

It came to light that as importers and processors, they could produce a product just as good, if not better product than what is currently available in the market to purchase. Whilst most brush-in-pavement products offer flat colours, Joint-Tec decided to focus on textures. During this R&D phase, over 50 various shades, sizes, and textures of compounds were created in order to assess which would be the most suitable; after assessment, 4 were chosen for their suitability and complimentary ability with the wide range of British Paving currently used. 

As you can see, a lot of passion, knowledge, and expertise has been put into the Joint-Tec product and brand. 

About the Joint-Tec product

As explained above, Joint-Tec is is an easy and ready to use, brush-in-pavement jointing compound which is suitable for use in flags, natural stone, cobbles, pavement slabs, and setts. The product sets hard and will not wash out, whilst remaining water-permeable throughout.

The joints you use Joint-Tec with will need to have suitable measurements, which are 20mm deep and 5mm as a minimum. 

Joint-Tec can also be applied in all weather conditions, even in the pouring rain. 

To summarise the above, Joint-Tec is:
  • Ready to use, no mixing required

  • Fast and easy application as a brush-in-product

  • Highly water permeable

  • For joints over 5mm wide and 20mm deep

  • Can be applied in all weather conditions

  • Weed/Frost resistant

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