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Founded in 1939, Jenolite is Europe’s oldest and most respected brand when it comes to the removal of rust – in the long term. Their scope and size aren’t limited to Europe but it international and worldwide with their products being available in many countries around the world. Jenolite offers products for commercial and domestic settings.

What is Jenolite’s history?

Their success has been consistent since their inception in the late 1930s, with the Ministry of Defense opting for Jenolite products in the 1950s as a way to remove rust from equipment. Such is their longevity and reputation that the MoD still use their products to this day. By the 1960s, the brand had established itself as a market leader and the products were being distributed by Bluecol, Pennzoil Quaker State and Shell Chemicals Ltd.

For over 75 years their products have been used in a variety of industries around the world. This includes being adopted in spaces such as automotive, agriculture, security and fencing. This is in addition to their use in general household settings. Perhaps most famously, Jenolite’s expert removal of rust has been used to protect London’s Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

How does Jenolite improve and adapt to changing landscapes?

A huge part of Jenolite’s success has come from its commitment to innovating and developing new ideas and advancing its product range. By leveraging new sealant technology and combining this with removal formulas to provide corrosion-resistant technology in even the most challenging conditions. Jenolite also has a team of experts who can offer support and guidance if you have any questions or concerns.

With over 150 products in the BC Profiles store, we are well stocked with Jenolite products. Our range stretches from Jenolite Braker Caliper to Pipe & Exhaust Bandage and even Rust Converter. The Jenolite prices are affordable and no matter the project we offer products that can help you.

If you have any concerns or questions feel free to contact our customer service team.

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