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Gorilla glue specialises in producing high strength adhesives for a number of DIY, building and construction projects. Gorilla tape and products can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paper, leather, metal, wood, ceramic and more. If you require high strength, long-lasting adhesives, choose from the range of Gorilla glue, epoxy and tape products from this popular brand. Whether your job is small or large, Gorilla glue offers a variety of different products for your needs.

Who are the Gorilla Glue Company?

For over two decades, the Gorilla Glue Company has been focused on producing the best adhesives for its consumers whether that means tradespeople undertaking huge construction projects or a family doing DIY. This means listening to the demands of this diverse market and innovating accordingly. This family-owned brand has a global reach but is based in Chorley, Lancashire meaning they can combine the warmth of Northern culture with industry-leading products.

What is Gorilla’s ethos?

Three key tenets make up Gorilla’s ethos; brand, people, and customer. They believe in working with and investing with brands that will mutually sustain and grow business. They are extremely attentive when testing products and innovating and it is for this reason that they consistently produce such good results. Secondly, the company go to great lengths to foster a culture of co-operation and care by listening to their employees and working hard to create the best possible working environment. 

At the heart of everything, Gorilla do is the customer. Whether this is a professional in the industry or a homeowner taking on a DIY project for the first time, Gorilla will treat everyone the same. This means providing guidance and advice as well as remaining fast and flexible to consumer requests so that they can stay at the top of the industry.

What products do Gorilla offer?

A huge part of the brand’s appeal is its diverse and extensive range of products which are designed to be long lasting and tough. This includes, but is not restricted to, Super Glues, Wood Glues, Specialist Tapes, Expoxies and Sealants

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