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Flooring Adhesive

When it comes to creating a smoothly laid surface, then BC Profile’s range of flooring adhesives offers strong glues that will adhere your surface to the subfloor or underlayment permanently. With flooring adhesives that are geared towards a particular task or a general all-rounder, our flooring adhesives can stick both solid and engineered wood floors, mosaic parquet, industrial parquet, laminated parquet, and domestic wood floors in addition to more basic chipboard floor systems and subfloors.

What is flooring adhesive?

Floor adhesive and similar types of products such as carpet glues are ground-based contact adhesives, on which both sides have a thin layer of adhesive which allows for a stronger bond. Different floor adhesives are required for multiple surfaces and some may be in liquid or spray form. Furthermore, unlike wall adhesive, floor adhesive can be used in horizontal positions as well. Wall adhesive can not be used on floors.

What options can be found at BC Profiles?

At BC Profiles we offer 2 main products for flooring, Sika SikabOND 54 Wood Floor Adhesive 13kg and Everbuild Lumberjack 160 Woodbond 10 Litre. Each has different benefits, with Sika offering adhesive that is suitable for underfloor heating, easy application and extremely high strength properties. Everbuild has suitable properties that allow for the adhesive to be sanded easily, bond directly with ceramic tiles and offers elastic, footfall-sound dampening properties.

When purchasing floor adhesive makes sure to accurately measure the floor and then buy the products. If you fail to do the necessary preparation you may buy too little which would cause delays or you could buy too much meaning you have overspent.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about flooring adhesive our help team is always therefore to provide support. We can make product recommendations or suggest the best course of action depending on your project. They are helpful and good-natured and therefore don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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