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Flashing is a self-adhesive that provides roofs with a watertight seal and protection from rainwater. Flashing tapes helps to prevent leakage in the roof and prevent damp and other damage happening on the property.

In flashing thin pieces of impervious tape or other materials are applied to structures and this prevents any water from seeping through and causing damage. Water damage to homes can potentially undermine the entire structure and cost a lot of money to fix. You will often find flashing being installed on objects such as chimneys, vents, walls and windows. Any structure that has to face the weather and may have mould issues.

What Flashing products can we find on BC Profiles?

BC Profiles is fully stoked in products that can help you protect your home via flashing. With industry-leading products in a variety of sizes so that you can resolve any challenges immediately. We offer Bond-It Adhesive Flashing tape as well as Everbuild Black Flash band.

Bond-It’s offering is crease-resistant and leads coloured self-adhesive which is ideal for general repairs around the home and sealing cracks. The main purpose of this product is for it to be used on flat or pitched roofs such as chimneys or even parapets.

That being said, it is a flexible product that can be applied to roof lights, gutters, vents, flues, RSJ’s and concrete columns. A huge benefit of the product is its resistance to puncturing whilst the bitumen provides malleability and adhesion.

Bond-It products are exceptionally popular, and this adhesive is no different as it is supplied in rolls meaning it can be easily and quickly applied with minimal fuss. Furthermore, it is useful and effective for all flashing jobs such as water sealing on masonry, timber, metal and even glass.

If you have any questions about flashing or the products in our store we recommend contacting our help team through telephone or email and we will respond with any guidance and answer all your questions.

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