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EASY Joint

EASYJoint is an effective paving joint compound that can be used around the home. For use in both wet and dry conditions, Easy Joint can be used to fill the joints between paving slabs, creating an aesthetically pleasing look. Available in a range of colours so you can choose the right shade to match your paving, Easy Joint is ideal for several uses including patios, swimming pool areas and footpaths.

What is EASYJoint?

EASYJoint is the groundbreaking and original sweep-in jointing compound. Through their innovative endeavours and brand promises, Azpects created EASYJoint as an all-weather paving joint compound that was a game-changer in the construction industry. With their track record of high-quality results and effective performance, there’s a reason why professionals pick EASYJoint. The product is applied by filling the joints between paving. This works across various surfaces such as natural stone or concrete.

How do I use EASYJoint?

One of the product’s biggest strengths is the ease of use. All you need to do is water the surface and then you can sweep the compound into the joints. It is as simple as that. The water takes the majority of the pressure, but you just have to ensure the paving is wet enough and that you clean the area before and after to avoid any problems when the compound is setting.

How will it look after?

Following application, the gaps will be filled meaning you won’t need to do any additional labour such as using your hands to compress the compound. The joint will be weather resistant and last for a very long time.

What colours do Azpects offer for EASYJoint?

Outdoor areas and surfaces can come in a range of different colours and therefore Azpects have produced EASYJoint in five different colours so that it will look more a4esthcially pleasing once applied. The colours include Mushroom, Buff sand, Stone grey, Jet black and Basalt.

If you have any questions about Azpects or EASYJoint do not hesitate to get in touch.

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