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Drainage Channels & Landscaping

A drainage channel is used to drain rainwater away from areas around the home including paths, driveways and patios. This prevents the water from stagnating and potentially causing damage to the home.  A good quality low profile channel drain system should be built using long-lasting parts, including a well-manufactured channel with connectors and end caps.

Drainage channels are vital for homes and driveways as they prevent serious problems that could become a financial burden. Usually, drainage channels will sit on the sides of a driveway. A driveway will slope slightly on the side and the water will therefore run into the drainage channel.

Why is a drainage channel important?

When it rains, water will naturally run onto a concrete or stone driveway and flow downhill. However, if you have no drainage channel, you can’t control where this water will go. For instance, it may run into your flower beds ruining your gardening. Equally, if your drive is situated near the garden there may be flooding. It is also worth noting, that the water may remain on the drive and this could create hazardous conditions. By having a drainage channel you can control the flow of water and tailor your drive to prevent issues from arising.

What is needed to fit a drainage channel?

Drainage channels require a few key elements to work successfully. The project leader will need to measure the size of their drive and find a drainage channel that meets these specifications. These drainage channels can come in several materials however plastic channels are often effective due to the stability they provide as well as their ability to withstand the weather. Plastic channels can be easily cut and reshaped if the size needs to be amended. Additionally, an Outlet Endcap may also be required to stem the flow of water coming out of the channel. Without an outlet end cap, the water could flow aggressively during more inclement weather.

If you have any further questions about drainage channels and landscaping please contact our friendly team who can answer any of your requests.


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