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Deks Eezee B125 Drainage Channel

The Deks Eezee B125 Drainage Channel range from premium Australian manufacturer Deks Industries is an innovative and affordable drainage channel system used by contractors and DIY contractors all over the UK, Australia, and the USA. 

The drainage channel system can be used in many applications, from pavements to laybys, and supports a B125 load classification, up to 12.5 tonnes. 

Who are DEKS?

DEKS Industries were initially a business from Australia that specialised in innovation for rubber roof flashing, the company were the first ones fo create rubber roof flashing in Australia in the year 1947. 

Since 1947, the company has expanded to offer its products to Australia, the UK, and the USA and not only offer rubber roof flashing, but also drainage channels, pipe flashings, lead replacement, and pipe couplings. 

The Deks Eezee B125 Drainage Channel Range

The B125 Drainage Channel system is suitable for use by both DIY hobbyists as well as contractors and can be used for pavement, driveways, small car parks, and laybys due to the fact that it can hold up to 12.5 tonnes. 

The channel also features grid grating in order to allow more water to enter the drain, and plastic grating in order to make the drain lightweight but durable. It’s easy to connect the system together because of the flexible outlet connections, there are 9 outlet options as well as six connection points on the drain itself.

All you need to do is remove the blanking cap on the desired connection point, and then connect the next length of the channel by slotting it into place. Thus making the desired channel simple and easy to install. 

We also sell Spigot End Caps, Universal Variable Connectors, Silt Boxes, Socket End Caps, and Socket Offset Outlets which are all fully compatible with the drainage channel. 

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact the BC Profiles customer support team, where we’ll be happy to anser any questions regarding this product range. 

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