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Cromar CromaVerge Universal Dry Verge System

Cromar provides a large array of building products for both professionals and homeowners who want to do DIY. Cromar’s popularity comes from its diverse skill set which includes waterproofing, expanding foam, wood treatments and lead substitutes.

Cromar has been manufacturing building supplies since its establishment in 1997 and its reputation is known throughout the industry. They provide their customers with exceptional quality and service.

What is the Cromar Cromaverge?

One of the cornerstones of the Cromar ranger is its waterproofing products such as the Cromaverge. This is designed to reduce the water damage in your home such as dampness. The Cromaverge is a premium product within the Cromar range, you will find several waterproofing products. Designed to reduce the opportunity for dampness to arise and thrive in homes and buildings.

BC Profiles stocks the Cromaverge and offers a cost-effective and maintenance-free model which doesn’t require left or right-hand units. The BC Profiles options also include the dry verge in four different colours meaning they can be matched and coordinated with your home.

A huge positive of the Cromaverge is that it is capable of being fitted quickly with an estimated 35 units being able to be applied in just 35 minutes whilst the units are versatile enough to fit any shaped roof. Finally, the high-quality design makes the dry verge tough and long-lasting as well as offers years of mortar free protection. Such is the quality of the Cromaverge that it heavily supersedes the traditional mortar based verge.

Will I need anything else?

There are a few additional items that we recommend for the project and they include eaves starter kits, ridge caps and finishing caps.

If you have any questions about the Cromar Cromaverge please contact our support team and they will be happy to answer any questions as well as provide product recommendations for roofing accessories that would work well alongside dry verges.

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