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Contact Adhesive

Contact adhesives are great for jobs that need a fast-drying solution. Applied to either one or both surfaces to be joined, contact adhesives aim to deliver an unshakeable, high-strength connection between two surfaces in a matter of seconds. When fully bonded, a contact adhesive connection will endure and last.

Contact adhesive is flexible enough to be used on several surfaces – such as metal or plastic – which makes it a great all-rounder. Used in building and development projects, including kitchen building and general DIY, contact adhesives can create a water-resistant seal.

What contact adhesives can be found on the BC Profiles?

We stock Everbuild’s excellent contact adhesive in four different all-purpose options; the All-Purpose Contact Adhesive 5 litres, 750ml, 250ml and 125ml. These are all set at different price points and therefore it offers the customer a range of choices depending on their project.

Everbuild’s products have numerous benefits. These include their excellent adhesion which means they will work on various surfaces. They have exceptional bond strength which will often outperform wood glues as well as be very useful in both internal and external environments. The products age very slowly and provide weather resistance.

Where can I use this contact adhesive?

You can confidently apply the adhesive to wood, rubber, many plastics, cork and PVC that have rigid properties. However, please avoid using it on soft PVC, polystyrene, tar, bitumen and mirrors. It will also be ineffective If used in a submerged water area. Before purchasing the contact adhesive it is important to prepare surfaces and research which type of contact adhesive will work best. Failure to do this could cause serious long term problems at worst and at best merely waste your money.

If you have any other questions about contact adhesives or if you need any product recommendations our customer support team is available to offer guidance. Please contact them if you are worried about choosing the correct type of adhesive as selecting the wrong type could cause some serious problems.

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