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Concealed Cisterns

What is a concealed cistern?

Most toilets you encounter in the world have a cistern that has been positioned at the rear of the toilet bowl. This is where most people put spare toilet paper or a scented candle to keep the bathroom smelling fresh.

However, a concealed cistern changes this dynamic, the cistern is concealed behind the wall in the bathroom so that the toilet pan is flush with the wall. This can add a modern aesthetic to any property. 

There are two types of concealed cisterns, the fully concealed cistern that you’d fit into a partition wall or a furniture version where the cistern is concealed in furniture or a storage unit. 

Concealed Cistern Considerations

Concealing your toilet cistern is as easy as fitting an exposed cistern, but the most important considerations are the size of your concealed cistern, frame, compatibility, and toilet types such as whether you’ll go with a back-to-wall toilet or a wall-hung toilet. 

If you have a wall-hung or back-to-wall toilet case, then you’ll be using a wall-mounting frame in order to support the toilet pan, piping, cistern, and toilet user. 

It’s vital that when you choose a cistern frame, you match the dimensions to those of the partition wall in the bathroom.

Benefits of a concealed cistern

Some of the benefits of including a concealed cistern in your bathroom include:

  • Dual flushing- To help with the environment every time you flush.
  • Reduced flush noise- Due to the fact that the cistern is located in the wall, your flush noise will be reduced. 
  • A slimline design- Due to slimline designs for concealed cisterns, it means that minimum work is needed to install the cistern into the wall. 
  • Aesthetics- Minimalism in bathrooms is becoming much more popular, from 5-star hotels to new builds to roadside cafes. A concealed cistern means that all the plumbing will be hidden in the wall, which is a cheap and effective way to achieve a minimalist look. 

We currently sell the Skylo Concealed Cistern kit which includes everything you need to install a concealed cistern on your property, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. 

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