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ACO Threshold Drain

This threshold drainage range from ACO is perfect for domestic drainage applications, it can eliminate water ponding at either the entrances to your property or from your patio.

ACO’s threshold drainage comes in either black or silver high-quality extruded PVC and aluminium, which have the benefit of being light, durable and easy to install.

If you’d prefer to go with a more professional aesthetic, you could go with a CorTen Steel drainage channel or a Stainless Steel drainage channel.

If you want to visually enhance a space, you can purchase a CorTen Steel drainage channel, which has a patina finish which will take on a rusty brown colour over time, without the downsides of corrosion. 

There’s also a stainless steel drainage channel you can purchase, which comes in a sleek silver look. 

Who is ACO?

The ACO Group is a company which has specialised in designing, developing, and manufacturing water management systems and drainage technologies.

The number of applications the group’s product range can be used for has a comprehensive portfolio consisting of internal and building drainage systems, landscaping products, sports facilities, retail, distribution centres, highways, airports, and environmentally friendly solutions.

ACO has offices in four continents (USA, Australia, Europe, and the middle-far east) and trades in over 40 countries and have 30 production facilities in 15 of those countries. 

Benefits of using ACO Threshold Drainage

Some features and benefits of using ACO’s threshold drainage channels include the following:

  • All drainage products in this range are compliant with Part M of the building regulations for England and Wales and section 4 of the Scottish Building Standards.
  • The channels and systems are discreet due to only having a width of 60mm. 
  • Suitable for pedestrian traffic and boast ACO’s Heelguard technology to help prevent accidents.
  • Efficient at reducing water ponding.
  • Features an A15 load class, which means the systems can take 1.5 tonnes of weight.
  • Compatible with different accessories for threshold drains such as corner units, end caps, drain connectors, and bandseal adapters.

If you have any questions about our ACO Threshold Drainage range, please contact the BC Profiles customer support team where we’ll be happy to answer any enquiries. 

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