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ACO Rainwater Roof Outlets

ACO are an industry leader in the channel drainage industry and produce a huge number of products that effectively reduce water damage and makes homes more water-resistant and weatherproof. Items include Hexdrains, brickslot drains and raindrains as well as rainwater outlets.

Their rainwater outlets are incredibly effective at handling high amounts of water that can flow off the roof. Additionally, the secure grating ensures that they are a secure and safe option against vandalism. Their strength comes from their die-cast marine-grade LM6 aluminium-silicon alloy design. They have been manufactured to be resistant to corrosion and UV radiation.

With a wide range of sizes at very cost-effective prices, these durable ACO Rainwater roof outlets are ideal if you want to protect your home and ensure its longevity. Water damage can cause small problems such as dampness which can grow into large issues such as structural damage. Not to mention, the effect the smell of damp could have on your daily happiness.

Can I purchase these products at BC Profiles?

The good news is that you can find many ACO Rainwater Roof outlets in our online store. We have a range of sizes and models that will best suit your roof. Considering the importance of a rainwater roof outlet the cost of items is incredibly affordable however there is still a change in price depending on the design. For instance, the 50mm Vertical Spigot – Dome Grate is only £127.58 whereas the larger 100mm costs roughly double this amount. Before purchasing these outlets you should carry out all measurements and research about your roof. This way you can avoid either overspending or buying the wrong part.

If you are attempting to fit the outlet yourself for the first time then please properly investigate what steps are required or contact a professional. If you have any queries regarding the products then you can contact our customer support team and they will be able to offer guidance on the matter in a friendly and efficient manner.

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