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uPVC Guttering and Downpipe



Improve the strength and durability of your roof system by investing in solid, watertight guttering that’s guaranteed to last for years to come. BC Profiles retails a range of square, round and Ogee curved guttering to suit the needs of any professional roofer or seasoned DIY expert! Pick up lengths, angles, brackets, stop-ends and running outlets to secure every nook and cranny of your domestic or commercial guttering. 


There are a number of factors you need to consider when installing or repairing your guttering. Firstly, the materials you choose will greatly impact on the positioning of the drainage system, as different metals and plastics swell and decrease by varying amounts depending on the air temperature. You’ll also need to judge your joint specifications and ensure that you either solder your guttering together or use a strong sealant to achieve similar results. Installing your gutter properly in the first instance will prevent breakages or additional damage further down the line. In addition, coping in the aftermath of a leak or collapse can be a nightmare, so why not take a closer look at your existing guttering to make sure it’s still in good condition? Chances are you’ll catch potential problems before they become a much wider issue for your home.


Your gutters may just be clogged with dirt and debris and preventing proper water drainage from occurring, and this in turn could cause damage to your roof as the tiles struggle to protect your framework against mould, mildew and all kinds of problems that arise from excess moisture. If water begins to penetrate your walls or make its way into cracks and fissures on the side of your home, you could be facing huge repair bills, so act now to save yourself a fortune! BC Profiles can provide you with expert advice should you need any more information regarding our extensive range of guttering products – simply give us a call on 01924 382112 to speak to a member of the team.