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Breathable Roofing Membrane

Breathable Roofing Felt

Do you need an easy and affordable way to protect your roof? If so, look no further than BC Profiles and our range of breathable roofing felt. They are an ideal way to prevent common issues with roofs, such as water penetration. Thanks to our collection of breathable roofing felt, there’s no need to install traditional ventilation as these allow the roof to breathe and offers additional protection against air infiltration. Not only this, but with breathable roofing felt, you’ll be able to enjoy the advantage of improved energy efficiency within your home. These come in rolls and you can easily install according to the dimensions of your home, shed or garage. Take a look at our roofline products for more information. Breathable roof felt is the new gold standard for re-roofing projects and new builds, offering durability and and protection for the building. There are many benefits to switching to breathable roofing membrane, not only does it allow moisture from inside the roof to escape, it also provides water tightness that channels water into your gutters. Our range of breathable roofing felt is completely waterproof and guaranteed to prevent condensation and allow the air to circulate throughout the space. Choose the right breathable roofing membrane for your building does depend on a variety of factors; the location of the roof, the tile use, the pitch and the baton gauge. When it comes to performance and reliability, breathable roofing felt is a great choice for any project when compared to traditional felt options. Browse the full breathable roofing membrane range below or contact a member of the BC Profiles team to discuss suitability and order queries. For more essential roofing products, take a look at our full roofline range today. You can also find info on how to build a flat roof over on our blog.