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Soakaway Crates

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Soakaway Crates

BC Profiles has high quality, dependable soakaway crates for sale. We are experts in providing quality building materials that are durable and long lasting, appearing to drain away water with ease and speed. Soakaway crates are designed to work in an effective and fast fashion draining away excess water carefully. This is ideal in areas that may experience high levels of rain and water which proves hard to drain away. They are sometimes called 'storm drains', taking the name from when heavy rain occurs and excess water is left on the soil.

The soakaway crates are placed in the ground and work to remove water from an area. The water is naturally drawn through by gravity and the crates ensure this is occurs freely and quickly. The idea is that a soakaway crate spreads the water over a large surface area rather than it naturally draining in one area. This can cause submerging of the ground and have serious consequences on the land.

Polystorm Soakaway Crates

The polystorm soakaway crates discharges the water through a number of small exit opening distributed over a large surface area, usually the sides and bottom of the soakaway. The idea is that the crate can hold a large amount of water at one time and distribute it slowly and gradually. This is great for stopping the ground becoming clogged and water logged.

The soakaway crates available to purchase at BC Profiles are perfect for adding some preventative flooding measures to your building area. Each crate has a volume of 0.2m and therefore to cover 1 cubic metre you need to purchase 5. The crates are easily joined by horizontal or vertical connectors meaning that establishing a link between 5 or even more is easy and simple.

To beat the possibility of sodden ground - install some soakway crates today.