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Flash Band

Our Black Jack flash band is a great product for professional builders and do-it-yourself jobs alike. This self-adhesive flashing tape can help you with all kinds of sealing and adhesive requirements and gives you a natural lead-look finish. BC Profiles is proud to offer excellent flash band products alongside a huge range of other sundries for any building projects.

How to use Flashband?

Flashband is an armoured, aluminium self-adhesive strip that can be used for hundreds of projects around the house and garden. Ideal for those undertaking DIY projects, Flashband is ideal for metal box and valley gutters, downpipes, overlaps, window frames, protruding pipes and more.

  1. Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from dust and loose material.

  2. Fill in any gaps of more than 3mm with an appropriate filler

  3. If using on a porous surface, lightly dampen before application.

  4. Cut the Flashband to the required length and remove around 50mm of the release paper.

  5. Position the sealing strip by holding the release backing paper firmly and steadily as the product is applied.

  6. Smooth the tape down using a seam roller or piece of rounded wood to ensure full overall contact and to expel any air on overlaps and edges.