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Flat Roof Torch On Felt

Torch on Roofing Felt

So you need to update your roofing to something sturdier and with better waterproofing; if you have a flat roof on your home, shed or garage, and it’s looking a little worse for wear, you might want to consider torch on roofing felt – a roofing application that is imbued with bitumen to prevent water leakage. read more »

Roofing felt is a thin and flexible layer that can be laid onto your roof, bend around corners and, if you have torch on roofing felt, applied with ease. Torch on roofing felt does exactly what it says on the tin, with a torch gun, you lightly flame the back of the roofing felt and then gently apply the sticky bitumen surface to the roof which will stick up to 20-25 years.

Depending on the quality of the roofing felt that you get, depends on the longevity and durability of the protection that you receive. Roof felt is made of fibres coated in bitumen and often adorned with stone flakes on the top surface which offer more protection and a more professional look.

How to use Roofing Felt

Most commonly used on flat roofs, torch on roofing felt can also be applied to pitched roofing. Roofing felt tends to come in rolls making it easy to torch and lay. We advise that if you haven’t previously laid roofing felt or torched roofing felt you should hire the services of a professional felter. Whilst the job is relatively simple, a mistake could end up being costly. If you are determined to give it a go yourself we suggest that you either go on a course or try and familiarise yourself with the technique from multiple tutorials – understand that not all tutorials will be effective, so ensure that you get a wide range of information.

The general premise of laying torch on roofing felt is that you place the roofing felt in line with where you want to start felting, torch the bitumen surface and roll the felt out slowly one part at a time so that you are left with a flat, even surface. The process is simple, but understanding the proper usage of tools is highly important and you shouldn’t try and use roofing felt without the proper training.

Why Should You Torch on Roofing Felt?

Torch on Roofing felt is widely used by professionals and regarded as one of the quickest and most efficient roofing protections available. Why should you torch on roofing felt? If you want high level water protection for your roofing, placed with durable roofing felt, torching bitumen imbued roofing felt gives you better protection and quick application.