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VIPSeal Standard Coupling O.D. 250-275mm


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Primarily used in sewers, drains and other low and non-pressurised applications, VIPSeal® standard couplings join pipes of virtually any material or diameter.

Constructed from the highest quality elastomeric rubber, the standard couplings create a leak proof seal. In addition, the couplings are bolstered by stainless steel tension bands, proving shear resistance under heavy earth loads.

All standard couplings comply with BS EN295-4, WIS 4-41-01 and the new BS EN16397 standards.

All our couplings come with same day or next day delivery.

Standard coupling applications: 

  • As a coupling to join plain ended pipes
  • Repair damaged sections of pipes
  • Where a post or lateral connection is required
  • Where the diameters of pipe differ
  • Joining short and cut lengths of pipe
  • Introducing rocker pipes to an outside structure or manhole

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