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Pro-Kleen Simply Spray & Walk Away Patio Cleaner 5 Litre

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With well over a quarter of a million bottles sold in the UK, Simply Spray and Walk Away is the UK’s favourite patio cleaner! This super-strong green mould and algae remover makes short work of any slippery green growths on your patio, path, and decking, breathing new life into your whole garden!

Kills Green Mould and Algae

Mould, algae, and other unwanted green growths will not only spoil the look of your decking, but they’ll also present a real slip hazard too. Take back your patio and get it looking brand new once again – Simply Spray and Walk Away! Our formula will effectively kill Green Mould and Algae so it can be quickly and easily rinsed or brushed away. 

Protects Against Regrowth

Simply Spray doesn’t just remove mould and algae from your patio, it stops it from growing back for up to six months!

Simple to Use

It’s called Simply Spray and Walk Away for good reason – that’s all there is to it! Just mix up the required dilution and spray it onto your patio (you can also apply it using a watering can). You don’t need a pressure washer or a patio cleaning machine! Then, just leave it to work its magic – after a couple of days, you can simply rinse that green mould and algae away and enjoy your bright, clean garden once more.

A Little Goes a Long Way

A single 5L bottle can make up to 25L patio cleaning solution. This is enough to cover up to 200m²! You can get even more for your money by picking up a multi-pack discount for two, three, or four bottles.

Use on Any Hard Surface

You can use Simply Spray on any hard surface, including patios, paving, fencing, decking, paths, tarmac, glass, roofing felt, PVC, terracotta, and more. You can even use it on boat hulls and caravans!

Bleach-Free Formula

This biodegradable formula contains no bleach, no acid, and is pH neutral. This means it won’t damage sensitive patio sealants and it’s also completely pet-safe once the treated area is completely dry! 

How to Use

For best results, use in the late evening to allow the solution to cure overnight. Do not use if rain is forecast in the next 8 hours as it can wash the solution away.

  • Dilute the Simply Spray at a rate of 4 parts water for every 1 part solution. In extreme cases, you can mix a stronger solution or use Simply Spray neat.
  • Apply the diluted solution to the desired area using a pump sprayer or a watering can.
  • Keep pets and very young children away from the area until completely dry.
  • After 2-3 days, green growths should be orange or brown.
  • Rinse or brush the area clean.

Contains Alkyl (C12-16) Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride and Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride.

Always read the label. Use pesticides safely.

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