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Nexus ProJoint Porcelain Paving Grout 20kg - Mid Grey


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ProJoint Porcelain Grout is a flexible and high performance porcelain paving grout. Specially formulated for Porcelain paving, ProJoint Porcelain Grout has been developed for joint widths of 2-20mm. Ideal for both internal and external use, the anti-mould technology with added silicone ensures that water is repelled from the surface of the grout whilst still allowing vapour to pass through. The ProJoint Porcelain Grout is supplied in a bag to allow the branded bucket/tub to be used as the ideal mixing vessel.


  • Professional strength Developed for joint widths of 2 to 20mm
  • Suitable for external and internal use Water and mould repellent
  • Ready to use, two 10kg bags supplied in its own mixing tub

Approximate coverage per 20kg kit Joint Size 600x600mm Slabs Four size Indian (600mm series) 100x100mm Setts

Joint Size 1200x600mm slabs 600x600mm slabs 900x220mm planks
4 x 20mm 62.5m2 47.17m2 27.47m2
5x20mm 50.0m2 37.31m2 22.12m2
6x20mm 41.68m2 31.25m2 18.38m2

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