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Manthorpe Dry Verge Right Hand - Brown


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Manthorpe Dry Verge Right Hand.

Dry Verge Units:

The Dry Verge Units provides a secure mechanical fixing solution for most makes and profiles of concrete interlocking tiles laid between 280mm and 345mm batten gauge.

The Verge Units can be easily fitted to each tile in succession, locking the tile in place to prevent wind uplift problems. The system is mortar-free and can be fixed in all weather conditions. Once fitted they are completely weatherproof and maintenance free.

Each Verge Unit is manufactured from a high grade of uPVC, providing long-term resistance against plastic degradation and ‘colour bleaching’.

The Dry Verge system preserves the ‘stepped’ appearance of the roof tiles while maintaining the continuous line on the underside of the verge.

Manthorpe Dry Verge System information:

The Manthorpe Fast-Fit Dry Verge System has been designed to provide an extremely cost-effective alternative that avoids all of the long-term maintenance problems and costs associated with mortar bedding

With its unique ‘push on’ clip design – protecting the verge of a roof has never been faster and easier. The Manthorpe Dry Verge System has been independently wind tunnel tested by the Building Research Establishment and is able to secure tiles to the roof and prevent wind uplift problems in the very worst of British climate conditions while maintaining exceptional resistance to water penetration.

No special tools or skills are required to fit the Dry Verge System and fitting can take place even in wet or frosty conditions.

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