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Febond Blue Grit Plaster Bonding Agent - 10 Litre


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Febond Blue Grit Plaster provides a mechanical key for plaster, painted surfaces, ceramic tiles and concrete. Just one coat creates a smoother surface for bonding tiles, applying concrete and plastering walls. The blue indication allows you to gauge coverage and the areas already applied to. Also contains a fine aggregate for high strength bonding and enhanced grip where needed.

Features of Febond Blue Grit Plaster:
- Ready to use
- High strength bonding agent
- Only one coat needed
- Covers approximately 4.5m2 per litre

- Ready to use
- Improves plaster key
- Allows plastering over smooth backgrounds
- Enhances grip of substrate
- Can be applied using a roller or brush

What is blue grit used for?
Blue Grit is used to create a smooth surface which helps improve application of tiles, paint, concrete and plaster onto walls. It enhances grip and bonding for a longer lasting result.

How To Use Febond Blue Grit Plaster:
Step 1 - Prepare Substrate
Make sure substrate is free from dust, frost and release agent.

Step 2 - Application
Stir before use and apply using a brush or roller to give an even coating. The blue colour of Febond blue grit plaster will allow you to see which areas have been covered to avoid missing areas.

Step 3 - Drying Time
Give the Febond Blue Grit plaster at least 24hrs to dry before you apply plaster. Drying time make take longer if in low temperatures.

Amount Required:
1 litre of Febond blue grit plaster will cover around 4.5 square metres.

Looking for a smaller tub? Check out the 5 Litre version here.

Got questions? Check out our Blue Grit FAQ blog post.

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