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Everbuild Glass Protector 600mm x 25m


£12.05 inc. VAT



EVERBUILD ROLL & STROLL GLASS PROTECTOR is the ultimate self adhesive glass protector, ideal for protecting against mess, dirt, staining, spillages and soiling that occurs during painting, plastering, building, tiling, general maintenance and repair work. Totally waterproof, ROLL AND STROLL protects against expensive to clean paint spillages on glass. Due to the adhesive face being reverse wound, ROLL AND STROLL easily unwinds with minimum effort and no need to bend down.


  • Easy roll out with no specialist applicator equipment required.
  • Will not creep and wrinkle after application.
  • Stays where it is put! Totally waterproof.
  • Protects against expensive to clean spillages from paints, varnishes etc.
  • Easily removed, will not leave a sticky residue.
  • Can be left for up to 4 weeks *.
  • Safer than dust sheets.


  • This product is for application to hard surfaces, DO NOT use on carpets.
  • Use Roll and Stroll Carpet Protector.
  • Obviously, adhesion will be reduced on dusty surfaces.
  • Vacuuming or wiping using EVERBUILD GLASS AND SHINY SURFACE WIPES prior to use is recommended.
  • ROLL AND STROLL must be removed after a MAXimum of 4 weeks to prevent a sticky residue being left.
  • Always check ROLL AND STROLL is stuck firmly to surfaces before commencing work.
  • On some surfaces ROLL AND STROLL may leave a residue, this can be easily removed using EVERBUILD Wonder Wipes or hard surface cleaner.
  • A test area is always recommended prior to full application.
  • Please note when cleaning laminate flooring do not used excess water.
  • Always check compatibility of cleaning agent with sub floor prior to full application.
  • Where air temperature exceeds 220C, remove ROLL AND STROLL after 1 week MAXimum.
  • Do not use underfloor heating whilst product is in situ.
  • Do not use on surfaces which bleed oils or plasticizers.
  • It is the users responsibility to determine suitability for use. If in doubt contact technical services for advice.

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