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Azpects EASY Joint Paving Jointing Compound 12.5kg - Stone Grey


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Available in the following colours: Basalt, Buff Sand, Jet Black, Mushroom, Stone Grey.

Key advantages of Azpects EASY Joint Stone Grey

  • There are a number of unique advantages of using Azpects EASY Joint Stone Grey, the key advantages are displayed below.
  • Can be used in wet and cold weather
  • Perfect for all-year round use
  • At least 10 and up to 20 times faster in use than traditional mortar jointing
  • Technically advanced producing strong, long-lasting joints with no voids
  • It's kinder on humans too! No staining or "framing" No waste - once a tub is opened, unused product can be saved for future use
  • Indefinite shelf life, product will not go-off as long as the internal bag remains intact
  • Water permeable
  • Up to 3 tonnes loading
  • Azpects Easy Joint Stone Grey is environmentally friendly, cement-free & resin-free, non-hazardous
  • Well proven throughout Northern Europe over several years

Azpects EASY Joint Stone Grey Features:

  • Ready mixed for ease and speed of application
  • A great range of colours to choose from
  • Cold and freezing conditions
  • Pressure washer resistant
  • Suitable for narrow and wide joints

Coverage: 1 x 12.5Kg Tub of Azpects EASY Joint will cover approximately the following areas*

Paving Size (mm) Joint Size (mm) 30 x 5 Paving Size (mm) Joint Size (mm) 30 x 8
600 x 600 13.5 m2 600 x 600 8.5 m2
600 x 450 11.5 m2 600 x 450 7.0 m2
450 x 450 10.0 m2 450 x 450 6.0 m2
600 x 300 9.0 m2 600 x 300 5.5 m2
450 x 300 8.0 m2 450 x 300 5.0 m2
300 x 300 7.0 m2 300 x 300 4.0 m2
450 x 225 7.0 m2 450 x 225 4.0 m2
225 x 225 5.0 m2 225 x 225 3.0 m2

Note: This is only a guide. Because accuracy of gap width and depth cannot be uniformly guaranteed, the above table is only a reasonable estimate of the amount of material required.

EASYJoint is also available to buy in other colours as shown below. Colours may vary slightly due to colour differences on monitors and may not be a true reflection of the final product.

Easy Joint


Easy Joint


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