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ACO Raindrain Brickslot B125 Sump Unit

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The ACO Raindrain Brickslow B125 Sump Unit is a sump unit and accessory designed for use with the ACO B125 Raindrain Drainage Channel.

The sump unit is designed to allow for cleaning and maintenance of a drainage channel, and the cast iron grating will ensure that there’s no aesthetic clash with the drainage channel. Due to the fact that the sump unit is made from ACO’s high-strength polymer concrete, it boasts excellent durability. 


  • Specially designed for use with the ACO B125 Drainage Channel and a corner unit
  • Has a galvanised access cover to reinforce the product. 
  • Once sealed, it’s fully watertight. 
  • Suitable for a variety of projects.
  • Durable and environmentally friendly.
  • Fully compatible with other products from the ACO Raindrain B125 range.
  • A cost-effective solution for drainage needs. 

How to install this product:

In the product guide, the instructions to install the product are as follows:

  1. Dig the trench 318mm wide (218mm wide if against a structure) by 200mm deep for the channel (400mm deep for sump). Mark the finishing height with a fixed line 3mm below the final surface. Lay 100mm (min.) bed of concrete.
  2. Knock out the pre-formed outlet from the inside (marked with hammer symbol) or fit the sump or outlet endcap. Position sump or outlet channel on a concrete bed, fit PVC-U union/trap to drainage pipework.
  3. Lay channels starting from outlet/sump, ensuring joints connect by lowering units horizontally. Fit endcap to end channel. For fully watertight joints, use a suitable sealant.
  4. With gratings fitted, haunch around channels/sumps with concrete (suitable fill material). The final surface is to be 3mm above the grating. Bricks/paviours should be laid in mortar for lateral stability.

ACO drainage systems can be used for a variety of commercial or domestic purposes, or on industrial properties or environments. 

We have also written a blog post on how to fully install an ACO drainage system.


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