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100% SATISFACTION Guaranteed
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100% SATISFACTION Guaranteed
discounts across all ranges

Ultraflex Gap Filling Adhesive 290ml – Grey



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Specially formulated to use in conjunction with Ultraflex high performance liquid waterproofing.

– To fix trims and other roofing elements
– Fill gaps and joints

One component elastic adhesive polymer of new generation (modified silane). Product of high initial tack and fast cure. High mechanical properties. High hardness and high bonding strength. Exempt of silicones, isocyanates and solvents. Chemically neutral.

  • Specially formulated to work where high bonding strength and fast cross linking is required.
  • Works both indoor and outdoor.
  • Sealing with elastic bonding with high initial tack. Product of high modulus suitable for sealing and bonding with high adhesive strength as windshields, galvanized sheets, ferrous or non-ferrous metals.
  • Elastic bonding in the industrial use: joints between prefabricated elements, frame / work, metalwork, drains, galvanized plates attached, ferrous or nonferrous, solar panels, elements of caravans and trucks, air-conditioning or refrigeration.
  • It has excellent adhesion to concrete, wood, brick, natural or artificial stone, ceramics, glass, metals: aluminium, iron, zinc, galvanized and most thermoplastics (except polyethylene or Teflon).
  • If it’s necessary to paint and / or varnish the sealant, we recommend to do it when skin is formed, in usual instances this would be around 10 mins after making initial application, this is the moment when paint adheres better…
  • Ultraflex gap filling adhesive is resistant to ageing, weather, temperature and ozone good performance against chemical agents.





Ultra Flex waterproofing is an effective way to waterproof roofs, guttering and paths. The liquid can be used on a range of surfaces including plywood, brick, metal, concrete and more. Ultra Flex waterproofing also provide trim drips, matting and roller sleeves to help preserve roofs, keeping them functioning properly and aiding runoff of rainwater. It is essential that roofs and walkways are waterproofed to prevent damp and damage and Ultra Flex waterproofing is the ideal product for protecting surfaces from rainwater. Ultra Flex liquid waterproofing is BBA certified for 25 years, ensuring a long lasting result that adheres to the UK's leading construction certification body.  Once applied it forms a seamless membrane that offers instant protection against rain and is fully usable once cured. Ultra Flex is also approved by the National House Building Council due to its excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates including bitumen, asphalt, metal, brick, wood and concrete.
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