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100% SATISFACTION Guaranteed
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100% SATISFACTION Guaranteed
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SikaMur InjectoCream-100 – 300ml



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SikaMUR INJECTOCREAM-100 is a new concept for the control of rising damp. SikaMUR INJECTOCREAM-100 is a water repellent, silane-based emulsion. A simple application gun is used to inject the cream into a series of holes drilled into a mortar course. Once injected to the mortar course, SikaMUR INJECTOCREAM-100 will diffuse within the damp wall to form a water repellent barrier (damp-proof course, DPC) and block future rising damp.


  • Fast and easy to install, one-component ready to use No need for preliminary watertight sealing around the injection holes Quick and consistent application
  • easy to calculate the amount of material required Does not require a special, expensive pump Spillage and mess virtually eliminated from the site
  • no problem with fluids flooding through party walls, cavities or service ducts Concentrated formula with approx. 80% active ingredients Low hazard, water-based product
  • non-caustic, non-flammable and not injected under pressure Very low wastage No risk of increased efflorescence (as with siliconate-based rising damp treatments)

Areas For Use Suitable to treat rising damp in almost all types of masonry walls: Solid brick walls Cavity walls Random form stone and rubble infill walls, etc




Sika Waterproofing

When it comes to admixtures and concrete additives there’s only really one name that springs to mind, Sika. With an impressive product range and a clear passion for what they do, it’s no surprise they are market leaders across the world. From landscaping to waterproofing, Sika have got it covered....literally. Founded in 1910 by Kaspar Winkler, Sika produced agents for cleaning and protecting granite and also waterproofing, of which, Sika-1 is still sold today. In 1918 the Swiss Federal Railways ran successful trials using Sika to waterproof tunnels which became essential so that electric trains could be used. They went onto waterproof a further 67 tunnels during the following years, and by 1935 Sika had a presence in Europe, South America and in Asia. Fast forward to more recent times, Sika celebrated 100 years trading in 2010 and then acquired the successful UK brand Everbuild in 2013, putting them firmly on the map when it comes to the construction industry. With an extensive product range and a worldwide presence in over 100 countries, you can be sure Sika products are head and shoulders above the competition, giving you peace of mind that the products you are buying are of the highest standard.
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