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100% SATISFACTION Guaranteed
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100% SATISFACTION Guaranteed
discounts across all ranges

Permaroof Batten Bar 3m



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Metal Batten Bar is specifically designed to be used for anchoring EPDM membrane and flashing details as specified in Firestone Specifications and Details


  • Attach Batten Bar to the roof substrate or penetration using the appropiate Firestone All Purpose Fastener.
  • Do not overdrive or underdrive fasteners.
  • Start at one end of the Batten bar and fasten towards the other to reduce bowing between fasteners.

STORAGE Store in original unopened container protected from the weather.




Permaroof Roofing

Permaroof is a trusted manufacturer of top quality roofing products in the UK and has been trading its products since 1999. Offering Firestone EPDM, which is a more environmentally friendly product, Permaroof roofing were one of the first companies to offer this type of product. Permaroof, meaning permanent roof, is a brand that offers exactly that, products that provide you with a long lasting, durable roof. The company has been producing its roofing range for over 14 years and is a well respected name in the industry. At BC Profiles, we stock a number of Permaroof roofing products, including bonding adhesive, formflash tape, gutter trims and more. Our Permaroof building adhesive is a strong adhesive that allows you to bond a number of materials including timber, brick, metal and glass. We also stock Permaroof upvc parts, including gutter trim, edge trim and metal wall flashing, so you can build a high quality roof for any type of building.
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 3000 m


Length (mm)