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100% SATISFACTION Guaranteed
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Everbuild Thermofoam – 750ml



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EVERBUILD Thermofoam is a specially formulated, highly flexible PU expanding foam that absorbs component movement thereby giving an air tight seal to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency in buildings. The powerful bond strength and flexibility of Thermofoam gives excellent long term thermal and acoustic insulation by inhibiting cracks from occurring during the contraction of building materials, such as window frame to wall bonds, giving a hermetically sealed barrier.

Benefits of Everbuild Thermofoam

  • Adheres to all common building materials including concrete, brickwork, wood, plaster, plastic, stone, metal etc.
  • Acoustic insulation up to 64 dB (EN ISO 717-1)
  • Certified Air permeability: a
  • Temperature Resistant -40 to +80°C (short term exposure to +100°C) Fire Rated to ISO13501 (Class E)

Areas for Use for Everbuild Thermofoam

  • Window installation (clean, controlled back filling and insulated sealing of window and external roller blind cavities)
  • Gap filling of external door frames (must be used in conjunction with mechanical fixings)
  • Filling cavities in wall break-through for all types of utilities and services.




From adhesives and wipes, to expanding foam, wood treatments and bonding, Everbuild have got it covered. Everbuild are a UK based company with a worldwide presence and one of the most trusted names within the builders merchants and DIY sector. It all began back in 1994 when self confessed DIY enthusiast, David Seymour, founded Everbuild. With innovative manufacturing and the ability to adapt to market needs, Everbuild quickly established a strong position and became market leaders. Over the years, Everbuild grew quickly and their products became industry favourites, stixall, wonder wipes and forever white to name but a few. More recently, in 2013, Everbuild was acquired by Sika and a new partnership was born, Everbuild - A Sika Company. This collaboration enables Everbuild to grow their business and Sika to strengthen their UK presence, giving customers even more products to choose from. Exciting times ahead. As the UK and Ireland's largest manufacturer of sealants, adhesives, fillers and building supplies, Everbuild continue to dominate the market with an outstanding product range. They have a passion for what they do and strongly believe that users will only come back if a product is good, so that's all they make! With sheer commitment and ultimate dedication to the industry, Everbuild now serve over 70 countries so you can be sure you are making the right choice with Everbuild.
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Up to 41 litres (output under free release of a 750ml canister)

Compressive Strength

Approx. 1kg/m²

Sound Insulation

Max. 64dB

Curing Time

Approx 24 hours