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Thermal Cavity Closers

Cavity Closers

Homeowners invest in cavity closers for many different reasons, but they’re mostly used to help reduce heat loss to aid economical heating of the home. Thermal cavity closers simply sit in the gaps between your windows and doors and simultaneously stop warm air from escaping the environment and prevent cold draughts from entering the property, ensuring that your home remains adequately heated.  As well as effectively sealing cold bridges, cavity closers also act as an effective vertical damp proof course, meaning that they act as a waterproof barrier and prevent rising damp from ruining the framework of the building. The cavity closers available from BC Profiles suit cavities that have a width of between 50mm and 100mm, so we’re confident you’ll be able to track down a product that suits your insulating needs. What’s more, they can be cut to the required length with a standard saw.