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Category Archives: Drains

Low Profile Drainage Channels FAQ

Drainage channels are true to their name since their main purpose is to drain rainwater away from paths, driveways and patios. Stagnant pools of water can lead to potential damage to these areas, and can even cause damage around the home if the water reaches the property.  To prevent any water damage from occurring, get […]

Above Ground Drainage FAQs

When addressing drainage issues and exploring solutions, it’s best to know exactly what you can and can’t do, as well as which products are best suited to the job at hand.  To help, the BC Profiles experts have answered your FAQs on above-ground drainage below.    Can underground drainage be used above ground? In the […]

Dealing with Storm Damage

Though damage from storms is less prevalent in the UK than it is with our American cousins across the pond, the British weather can be very unpredictable – and because it’s not as frequent, we’re quite often not as well-prepared for it. Though we seldom see any twisters, we’re certainly no stranger to torrential rain, […]

How to Remove Standing Water

how to remove standing water

Lawns and landscaping are an important part of your home’s aesthetics; they catch the eye and add curb appeal as well as providing a place for family relaxation and recreation. It’s no surprise then, that drainage issues such as standing water can be both upsetting and frustrating to deal with.  Many people take pride in […]

How To Improve Garden Drainage

Increased precipitation in the colder months of the year can soon become a real pain, leading to a flood of unwanted garden problems.  Although you can’t do anything about preventing wintery weather, you can take steps to protect and preserve your lawns and landscaping. So, what should you look out for, what causes the problems […]

How To: Winterproof Your Home

As winter rolls around, it’s integral that you prepare your house for the colder weather. As tedious and time-consuming as this may seem, not checking your home’s exterior can lead to unwanted and expensive problems and repairs. To aid you in this process, our BC Profiles team have compiled a list of five things to […]