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Wood Adhesives

Wood adhesive, sometimes known as ‘wood glue’, is an effective bonding agent for any number of DIY jobs that involve wooden materials. Wood adhesive is an essential for those who are carrying out tasks within properties which require the bonding of wood.

There are multiple varieties of wood adhesives and choosing the correct adhesives for the job will not only ensure stress-free and effective work, but it will also help with reliability and structural integrity.

  • Firstly, the type of wood adhesive or wood glue you need is usually determined by the surface it’s being applied onto.
  • Secondly, the environment in which the wood glue will be setting in is equally important i.e., if the glue is being applied to wood that will reside outside, it needs to be water resistant and weatherproof.
  • Thirdly, the purpose of the work bears an important role in picking the right wood glue. Is the adhesive being used as a low weight-bearing fixture or will it need to be strong enough to withstand heavy weight or strain? Does the wood adhesive need to have filling properties as well if perhaps it’s being used in repair works?
  • Fourthly, how quickly does the wood glue need to set? Rapid setting adhesive might be required to bond pieces of wood together with strong adhesion in a short period of time. Typical PVA wood glue can take between 8-12 hours and in some settings, this might be too slow and disruptive.

What wood adhesives do you offer?

Our wood glue is sourced from reputable brand, Everbuild, a well-known name within the industry that provides effective wood adhesive. Products like our Everbuild Lumberjack Polyurethane wood adhesive gel is a fast-acting adhesive that can also be used as a gap filler, making it ideal in manufacturer and production line applications. Everbuild All Purpose Weatherproof wood adhesive is another example of a different type of adhesive. This wood adhesive is water resistant and suitable for load bearing work, meaning it can be used for interior and exterior use.

What can wood adhesives be used for?

Put simply, wood adhesives are used to bond two wooden surfaces together (or a wooden surface to a plastic/vinyl surface). In the DIY or trade sense, this can potentially be applied in many scenarios e.g.
  • Adding baseboards to a living room
  • Repairing broken wooden furniture
  • Wooden floor installation
  • Bonding a kitchen wooden worktop to a base
  • Repairing window frames, doors, timber panels, stairs

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