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Wet Room System

Creating your wet room? BC Profiles have got everything you need to transform your space into the latest world in modern bathrooms. Wet rooms can offer a luxurious alternative to a shower but they can also prove invaluable for inclusivity and accessibility. Wet rooms need to be safe, secure and watertight and our wet room system product range ensures that you can create a seal that will last and last. Great for waterproofing wet room walls and floors, these products work just as well on a bathroom tiling project.

What are wet room systems?

Wet rooms have become increasingly popular over the last few years with more and more homeowners wanting to transport their bathrooms into wet rooms. A wet room is a waterproofed space that has a shower area that has flush with the rest of the bathroom. There is a drain on the ground where water flushes. Whilst rooms often have a glass panel, like a shower, they don’t have a door and therefore the space is open plan with the glass acting as a type of partition. Additionally, in most cases, showers have a lower shower tray which may have a few glass screens.

What are the advantages of a wet room?

Wet rooms are commonly easier to clean due to the lack of shower screens or baths. In general, this means there is less need to maintain the room. Some homeowners choose a wet room for stylistic reasons as they believe it creates a more relaxing and airy atmosphere in the bathroom, as well as making it appear modern and luxurious. Moreover, real estate experts have claimed that due to the rare nature of wet rooms they can potentially increase the value of your home by 2.88%

If you have any pressing questions or concerns about wet rooms then we are happy to provide answers and give you further details about the products that can be found in our online store such as Cromar Alpha Chem Wet Room Tanking Kit 8kg amongst many many more.

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