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Thermal Cavity Closers

What are cavity closers?

Cavity closers have numerous purposes which are necessary for buildings to gain certificates for Building regulation compliance. Key elements of these cavity closers are preventing the access of water, stopping heat from leaving a building as well offering protection against fire. However, when you are planning a building you need to consider which of these cavity closers to get.

Can I use any type of cavity closer?

In their most simple task cavity, closers are effective at preventing water from accessing a building through a hole such as a window or a door. The cavity closer acts as a sealant and this is a vital device in protecting your home or building from any external forces such as wind or rain. However, if you want to install cavity closers to provide heat protection then you need to consider thermal cavity closers.

What are thermal cavity closers?

If you are opting to prevent heat from escaping from your home whilst simultaneously blocking cold air from entering then you will need thermal cavity closers. These will keep your home warm and safeguard you against increasing energy costs.

In our store, you can purchase Multi-Width Cavity Closers which can be easily trimmed to fit any cavity size and are very lightweight. This makes them easily transferable as well as very simple to install. A further benefit of this product is that it not only acts as a thermal break to the cavity but also offers an effective DPC barrier.

It is worth mentioning that this type of product is non-load bearing and therefore please do not use it as a replacement for more traditional methods of repairing door frames and windows.

If you have any concerns about thermal cavity closers or cavity closers in general do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team. They are very knowledgeable and friendly so will be able to offer advice on the process or the products.

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