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Oppotex has spent years developing the most innovative methods for controlling vegetation in your gardens and patios. Oppotex’s design is a woven membrane that can be used to control weeds and stabilise their growth. A major benefit of Oppotex is that it doesn’t require any chemicals to remove the weeds. Sometimes using weed killer can affect other plants or grass in the garden leaving stained areas.  Oppotex is a brilliant way to manage the growth in your garden and prevent thankless tasks such as de-weeding.

How does it work?

To take effect you need to strim the vegetation in the garden so that no fibrous stalks are interfering with the Oppotex product. The woven weed control membrane is then placed on top and covered with mulch in some cases, however, the Oppotex 100 doesn’t require this. The woven membrane allows air and liquid to pass into the soil, so you don’t need to worry about any of your green grass or shrubberies dying.

What’s the main difference between Oppotex 100 & 80?

Whilst both share similar properties such as the weed control benefits, Oppotex 100 can work without mulch being present, whereas Oppotex 80 requires it due to the lower levels of UV which would cause it to degrade. Additionally, Oppotex 80 does not have grid lines like Oppotex 100. However, both are extremely lightweight and easy to use at home without hassle.

Where can Oppotex be used?

This product can be used in a variety of areas, however usual outdoors. Naturally, it can be used on a traditional lawn with grass, however, it can also be added under decking and artificial grass to prevent weed growth. This innovative method can also be applied to rose, shrubbery, vegetable, fruit and flower beds. Additionally, you can also use it on rockeries where weeds might grow in between the stones. Oppodex 80 even has characteristics that allow it to be used on roads that are under construction, meaning the product has industrial and commercial benefits as well.

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